Current version: 1.5

Download: http://www.hovenweep.org/~rowan/software/icald

Perldoc documentation: pod2html icald

Currently supported systems: Apple iCal, Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1, Sun ONE Calendar Server 6.0.

This program acts as a gateway between Sun ONE/iPlanet calendar servers and Apple iCal (or Mozilla calendar), translating GET requests (subscriptions) from iCal into export WCAP commands in Sun ONE Calendar and PUT requests (publishing) into import WCAP commands. It will check for read access in subscriptions and request Basic authentication if required. Publishing always requires authentication.

Be aware that, at least with Apple iCal, calendars must have a single source: either iCal or Sun ONE. This daemon does not attempt to perform any two-way synchronization. It merely automates import and export from Sun ONE in a way that is compatible with iCal's publish and subscribe features.

The script requires the following perl modules for operation, many of which are found in libwww: